Stress Lives Every Minute Your Don’t Read This

imagesLast week I attended the Day of Excellence. The “Day” was about personal and professional development in western South Dakota. Each year the “Day” provides valuable, substantive and energizing dialogue for individuals from various backgrounds. This was my first year to attend and I was really impressed!

Kay Frances message of “lighten up, stress less and take care of ourselves”, left me with the lasting impression. We laughed, I mean belly laughed for 45 minutes. The kind of laughing were you need to catch your breath because what she was saying was so real, pertinent, funny and true!

You hear Sandy and I write and talk about how remodeling and home building is stressful. Not new news. The Day of Excellence was a reminder that “Laughter is the best medicine” for stress and many other conditions.

Don’t let stress live in your construction project.  Instead, laugh! Even in the midst of stress it can be helpful to find humor in what’s happening in your construction adventure.  When you and your spouse are stressed out or things are a little tense between the two of you; laugh at yourself or the situation. Victor Borge states, “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” This can help move away from the tension and on to accomplishing your goals.

Another antidote for stress is celebration. Recognize and affirm all that is going well in your project. Instead of noticing what isn’t done, be intentional about looking for the positive in all that is completed. Here are two ideas  our clients have used to celebrate the progress of their construction projects.



Bring food to the construction site to rejoice in the advancement of your endeavor. Share it with family, friends and construction workers.





Take pictures of the project progress and share on your blog or create a photo album.


It’s vital for your sanity that you laugh and celebrate from start to finish. In our upcoming book, Break Ground Without Breaking Up, we share several more ways you can celebrate the progress and completion of your home construction goals. Look for our book to release mid year!

Share the ways you have celebrated your construction success with us and your story could become a part of out book. You can share with us by commenting on this blog, Facebook or email Laura with your story at



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