Stop and Smell the Roses

Stop-Smell-The-Roses-ButtonI (Sandy) am so proud of the wisdom of a new client of mine.  She is a widow of a few months and had been thinking about selling the large and beautiful “marriage” house.  In fact, she had it listed with a realtor.  She found a new small duplex she really liked and signed a contract with intent to buy.  She put down several thousand dollars earnest money.

Then she had second thoughts.  Was the timing right?  Why was she considering selling anyway?  Is the answer because that’s what widows do, sell the big family home and move into a widow apartment?  She asked herself if she was listening to her own voice or someone else’s voice in her head.  She knew she was getting up in years, but didn’t have difficulty with steps and she still enjoyed some yard work.

The other side of the coin was the marriage house needed a lot of updates to deliver the price she and her realtor thought they could get.  What a hassle to go through all that just to increase the chances of getting a few grand more.  To top it off, the new owners would get to enjoy all the updates, not her.  She had wanted to update through the years, but her husband never got around to agreeing with her.

Ultimately she decided, with the help of a trusted friend, to stay in the house indefinitely.  She lost her earnest money, but was a peace with her decision.  She was going to update for herself.  She’s excited about new floors, light fixtures, paint colors, window treatments and a new bedroom set.  She had never liked the country-style set her husband bought for them 30 years ago.  She was going to be the first one to enjoy the new look.   It was the best of both worlds.  She was going to take time to “smell the roses” of the house she wasn’t finished with yet.  She thought about five years of rose smelling could work for her.

I’ve had clients regret they waited so long to update.  Then, they had to do it for selling purposes.  I hope you don’t leave yourself out when you consider updating your house.  Like my client above, give yourself ample time to enjoy smelling the roses of your home’s updates.


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