OMG….Not Again!

Laura’s last blog post took words right out of my mouth.  It happened again, two of my clients that have recently moved into their new construction homes, are left without funds for landscaping, window coverings and furniture.  They are unnecessarily blaming each other for this. I feel awful for them when this happens.  So, when my next new construction project comes to me, I vow to address this head on.  I have Laura to help me ward off this all to common situation.  At the very least, they will have a copy of our book, Break Ground Without Breaking Up, 7 Keys to Securing A Strong Relationship While You Build or Remodel Your Home.

I’ve learned from my son, a general contractor, that clients almost never stay in budget.  They get caught in the emotions and add on, or they didn’t plan on doing this or that, then come to realize that it will cost more to have the contractor come back at a later date and so on.  The best choice seems to be to “do it now”. My son has told me that couples need to put aside about 20% additional funds to cover the emotional or unforeseen decisions to be made.
  • Tell us about an unforeseen problems you encountered while building or remodeling?
  • Maybe you did allow for a “cushion account of 20%” and chose to use some of the funds. Tell us about how this saved you from discord in your relationship!
             We would love to hear from you!

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